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Slow downloads

We have large capacity servers that provide our members with the best download experience possible after the variables above are taken into account. However sometimes some users might experience slow download speeds.

If your downloads are slow/incomplete it's possible there is an issue on our end but most likely there is a connection problem between you and the server. Or, You may just have a slow connection to us. That happens sometimes on the internet. Maybe there is an issue with your internet provider, or with network cable to your city or even country - there might be millions of reasons. It's annoying, but it's no one's fault

Anyway, the best way to test for a connection problem is to use a traceroute utility to see how information goes from you to us and back.

Download this utility and run. Enter "" in host field and let it run for 10 minutes, hit "copy text to clipboard" button and send us an message with the results of the clipboard. Ctrl+V or right mouse click and then Paste on message field will paste the contents of the clipboard.