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I can't log in

The most likely cause of:

Username and Password are Correct - Make sure you're entering in your username and password exactly as it appears in your confirmation email. Copying and pasting your username and password is the best way to ensure you are entering in your information correctly. If you are copying and pasting your username and password, many times an extra character gets added to the beginning or ending... check for this.

*Please note that usernames and passwords are cAsE sENsitIVe.

Content Restrictors - If you are running a firewall or if your network/browser settings restrict access to adult sites, you might not be able to log into our site. This is often the case if you are surfing from a college/university network or from work.

Blocked Message - If you received a blocked message when you tried to log in, you can find out more information here

Active Membership - If you've cancelled your membership and your billing cycle has ended, then your password will be removed from our database and you will no longer be able to log in. In this case you can re-activate your membership by re-subscribing here.

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Other Issues - If you can't remember your username or password or you've tried everything listed above and still can't log in, please contact our support staff